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Physician Background Checks
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When you get a report from PBC Consulting, Inc.,  you will received the most detailed and accurate information you need to make hiring decisions easier.
Component Makeup of a Physician Background Check

  • JCAHO/NCQA/AAAHC/URAC approved primary source verification
  • Undergraduate Education 
  • Medical School 
  • Residency/Fellowship Training
  • All Past and Current Licenses 
  • Board Certification 
  • Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions 
  • NBME/USMLE Verification 
  • FSMB Disciplinary Search Report 
  • Professional Reference Interviews 
  • FACIS/OFAC-SDN Inquiry 
  • Legal/Malpractice History 
  • NPI Verification

Optional services available include: 

  • AMA Physician Profile
  • AOA Office Osteopathic Physician Profile
  • Professional Society Memberships 
  • Hospital/Clinic Staff Appointments 
  • Professional Reference Interviews

Initial Response

Properly verified and accurate information regarding a candidate is the foundation upon which our background check is built. Second to this critical component is the timeliness of information receipt. PBC's approach to completing a background check focuses on providing meaningful information  to you as soon as possible. Phase one of the process is called Initial Response.

Within 24 hours of receiving a background check request, a client will receive the following information regarding the candidate.  

  • Licensure and Certification verification
  • Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions
  • Professional Reference Identification
  • OFAC
  • FSMB

First Alert

When critical information regarding a candidate's professional or personal credentials points to an elevated hiring risk, it pays to know as quickly as possible. At PBC Consulting, Inc, our consultants are trained to identify potential risks in a candidate's background that could lead to a possible disqualification of candidacy. We do not form an opinion of a candidate's qualification; we immediately alert you to the possible risk and allow you to make an informed decision.

Additional Services

Personalized service is the hallmark of our consulting practice.  Because your physician recruitment needs continue to evolve, we continue to be innovative in our offerings. Services available to every client include:

  • Status report on all open projects
  • Strategic support available from our qualified consultants on every candidate background check
  • Each report and all supporting documentation e-mailed directly to client.


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