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The Benefits of Conducting a Background Check
Most physician recruiters today understand the benefits of conducting a detailed background check.  Aside from the obvious risk management and legal protections it affords the hiring institution, a timely and properly executed background check can actually improve the recruiting department's productivity.  By not wasting time pursuing candidates who fail an early litmus test, your department will increase its capacity to fill critical staffing vacancies.
PBC Consulting, Inc's Client Centered Approach
PBC Consulting, Inc. has been conducting physician background checks in the same client-centered way since 1997. By focusing on the client's needs, we are able to deliver the most accurate and cost-effective background check, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service available.


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About Us
Founded in 1997, PBC Consulting, Inc. provides services in support of medical staff development. From physician background checks, to on-site recruitment/rentention training, to strategic consulting, PBC provides cost-effective, client-specific solutions. 

PBC's integrated service offerings can seamlessly partner with your recruiting department in helping achieve their recruitment and retention goals.