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Physician Background Checks
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  1. “Please allow me to express our sincere appreciation to PBC CONSULTING and your team for the quality service you continue to provide our organization. The background investigations provided by PBC have become an integral part of our recruitment program. The profitability of making a “good choice” outweighs the pitfalls of hiring a “problem physician”. Thanks for providing a service so beneficial in our business.”
    "Thanks for providing a service so beneficial in our business."
  2. "The service is essential for the recruitment and retention of quality medical staff members for our hospital. PBC is absolutely professional, discreet, accurate, and timely in preparation of information concerning a physician's background. I use the compiled report to walk our recruitment committee through the attributes and pitfalls of each physician candidate. The report plays a crucial role in whether we bring the candidate to our community for a site visit or not."
    "PBC is absolutely professional"
  3. "When it comes to customer service, you will find it hard to exceed or match the top-notch service and integrity PBC will personally provide on a consistent and daily basis. They are not the least hesitant about providing customized service to clients and are tenacious at following through on commitments."
    "Top-notch service and integrity"
  4. "The staff at PBC Consulting are professional, detail-oriented, time-sensitive, and personable in every aspect of their service. I am comfortable in sharing highly confidential information with them to conduct a background check on a prospective candidate. Utilizing PBC Consulting in our recruitment efforts has enhanced our credibility with our medical staff and has become an essential part of the process."
    "Professional, detail-oriented, time-sensitive and personable"


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